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At Sage Creek Dental Centre, we are committed to being a family dentist for people in Winnipeg. We are dedicated to taking care of the dental needs of patients of all ages. Routine teeth cleanings help keep your smile looking bright and healthy. With a hygienist on the premises, our teeth cleaning services prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and bad breath. We recommend scheduling your teeth cleanings every six months.

Our general dentist services include:

  • Routine cleanings

  • X-rays

  • Gum treatments

  • Children’s dental services

  • And more

Preventative care is important in keeping your family’s teeth healthy. Scheduling regular checkups can help catch small problems like plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to gingivitis. For children, taking care of their teeth involves not only regular cleanings by their dentist but proper instruction on brushing and flossing.

Digital X-rays are taken to check for problems found below your teeth’s surface. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital offers less exposure to radiation while providing enhanced images. Digital X-rays are easily shared in moments, no more waiting for them to develop.

Your gums’ health is just as important as your teeth. In fact, your teeth and gums depend on one another to remain healthy. Unhealthy gums, for example, can lead to both bone and tooth loss. Gum disease can even be responsible for heart disease and stroke. Sage Creek Dental Centre offers a variety of gum treatments for complete oral health.

To schedule a checkup and cleaning, please call our office today.

Sage Creek Dental Centre

Good oral hygiene starts with your first dental checkup.

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